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Win2003Server Routing

I want to set up a dedicated server on my workstation. Not sure if I'll be able though. First, a little "drawing" of the network-setup:

Internet -> SHDSL Router -> 3Com Firewall -> Win2003 Server DHCP -> LAN

As you can my workstation in the LAN. The problem is that we only have one external IP-adress. So I have to set-up some kind of port routing.
From I've been able to gather I need toset up TCP-ports 1200 and 27000-27015 (inclusive), and UDP 27020-27050 (inclusive).

I also think I'll have to do this on the Windows 2003 server. Probably in the RRAS. However, this isn't yet active on that server. So my question is basically this, how do I activate and set up the port routing on these ports, without interfering with the current setup?

Is it at all possible?

It is possible but it's hard, most people arent even able to get it working through 1 routing point.

few questions:
1) Why do you want to host from your workstation??
2) Why host on your workstation if you have an excellent server infront
3) Why have a router infront of the server, not a modem?

This setup is asking for trouble lol. The SHDSL Router you have should be a modem plugged into the server not a router. This way you block every single thing the Win2003 Server can do!
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Yeah, I know the setup is begging for trouble. I can't wait the day when it all goes ka-bow! Smile

On a more serious note, the setup was in-house before I took my current position, and there's not an awful lot I can do about it until I'm also put in charge of my own budget.
Running the HL2sever on the Win2003S is an option, but since my workstation is a much better machine, including 2 CPUs, I wanted to try that first.

As for question 3, you're excactly right. My bad. It is in fact a modem. So the set-up should look like this:
Internet ->
Zyxcel Prestige 719 SHDSL Modem ->
3Com Office Connect 25 Firewall ->
Win2003 Server running DHCP ->
LAN (Work-station)

I have a question, is the Win2003 Server a DC (Domain Controller) or is it just DHCP?

If it's not a DC, you have to setup the 3Com to port forward to your Workstation. Then "it should" work!


If it's a DC

This is a setup for 3Com that Direct Connects to Win2003 Server

You have to config the 3Com to port Forward to Win2003 Server, then you have to config the RRAS to Port forward to your Workstation.

Open RRAS>IP Routing>NAT, right-click external NIC>Properties>Services and ports, select a service or add a port. To forward to an internal IP, type IP address in Private address.

Now this may work or not, i have never done this...

what k2chris says to get it working on your workstation.

Actually you have the perfect setup, I use this at my home too. You can run anything you like from the Win2k3 server. You don't have to think about portforwarding and stuff like that.
Also, servers don't need top-notch processors unles syou run shitloads of 100tick servers.
I have a 1GHz CPU in my server, it runs 2Webservers, FTP, MySQL and 2 CSS servers. It's not even close to 70% CPU, it can handle things pretty well.
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OK, sounds like just running it (DoD:S) on the server (Win 2003) would be the easiest. So I tried that, but doesn't see anything on my IP. Off course I don't know if it should. For all I know is a load off dingo's kidneys Wink

What I did do, though, was to grab 2 ScreenShots from the FireWall, and upload them to ImageShack.
Policy Rules and Services
I then suspected that I'd have to add some services and direct them to the Win 2003 server. Specifically UDP: 27015 and 27020 (default HLDS, SRCDS and HLTV port) and TCP: 27015 (SRCDS Rcon port). This didn't help either.

A futher piece of info that might be inportant is that when I start the server, I don't specify any IP-adress. And the IP that shows in the Windows console-window is the internal-ip of the Win2003Server. Shouldn't this now be the external one?

(sigh...starting to feel like a real n00b now)

If you host DIRECTLY from the wondows2k3 you don't have to do anything other than opening ports on the local firewall.

You have to install it on the server
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