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Choke during gun fights
Hello all,

The server (all clients) receive around 20 to 30 choke during gun fights in our server. When wlaking around it goes to around 3.

Command line:

-console -game cstrike -port 27015 +map de_dust2 +maxplayers 12 -autoupdate -tickrate 100

Config (connection area)

// bandwidth rates/settings
sv_minrate 10000
sv_maxrate 25000
decalfrequency 10
sv_maxupdaterate 100
sv_minupdaterate 30
fps_max 301


The ping stays around 30.

Server & Network

The server has two other game servers on that are 16 Player 66 tickrate and 12 player 66 tickrate. Neither ever have anyone in.

The server is:
Intel Pentium D 830 3.0Ghz ** Dual Core **
Debian OS

It is located in Redbus II, London

Does anyone have any ideas?
low on ram if you ask me

I'm at 500MB when running a 10 player gameRolleyes
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There's no way a 11 slot 100 tickrate server can be getting choke because of the boxes specs. I'm sure the box can support many more slots than that.
Its your rates. ninety percent of the time when u get choke its because of misconfigured rates. And from what you posted in your first post that is way to high. try changing minrate to about 4500, that will keep modem user out. And maxrate use 9999. Those rates arent exact but if the choke stops then the rates are the source of the prob? What is your upload bandwidth anyways?
Redbus London, so no bandwith limits. Rates are perfect like this. Also no RAM limitation, 1 GB is plenty. You can run around 8 servers on that 1 GB ram without swapping.

What mods, what OS, what server load?
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What do you get when you do rcon stats? I noticed on my old dual amd 2600+ box that during gunfights that choke would skyrocket from 0 to 40-60 and the fps of the server would drop from the 100s to 10. This was when I adjusted my tickrate from 33 to 66. When I would adjust it back to 33, choke would completely disappear and the server fps would remain at a higher rate so that showed me that it was more of a server side issue. Mind you this was with my rented dedicated box, so I wasn't really wanting to update the kernel to a timer resolution of 1000hz from the default 100hz since I was afraid of my box not booting and I would have to contact my unreliable provider (but now I left them and doing colo now with a new shiney box).

Try setting your fps_max to 600 and make sure your kernel resolution is set correctly to be able to generate the increased fps.
I don't really wanna mess with the kernel timer. It's not something I've done before.

I'm gonna mess with the FPS command (its currently in the config) but I'll add it to the command line too.

The CPU never relaly goes above 55%, same for the memory.

Mods are just Mani, ZBlock Max, and Linux Debian OS.
If you know of any good tutorials for changing the kernel timer/resolution please feel free to post them.

I've changed the fps_max but it hasn't made a difference.

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