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need help plz
my server was working fine yesterday and now it says couldn't allocate UDP Port.
thats becuz something went wrong with your forwarding. check your routers settings to make sure nothing got deleted or reset.
I checked it about 10 times and it is port forward and this what my server console says

7:37 PM 7/10/2006Console initialized.
Attempted to create unknown entity type event_queue_saveload_proxy!
Game.dll loaded for "Counter-Strike: Source"
Loading Mani Admin Plugin 2005 V1.1.0zi,

22451FD0 SDK PlayerInfoManager002
0DC6532C SDK VEngineServer021
100DD618 SDK VFileSystem012
0DDF3354 SDK VEngineServerStringTable001
0DC5FC5C SDK EngineTraceServer003
0DC620EC SDK VEngineRandom001
22443224 SDK ServerGameEnts001
22438794 SDK IEffects001
0DC655CC SDK IEngineSoundServer003
0DC5E790 SDK VEngineCvar002
22443220 SDK ServerGameDLL003 => Upgraded to ServerGameDLL004
0DE363F8 SDK VoiceServer001
Searching for game type [Counter-Strike: Source]
Found gametypes for Counter-Strike: Source
Game Type [Counter-Strike: Source]
Hooked SayText [3]
Hooked SayText2 [4]
Hooked TextMsg [5]
Hooked HudMsg [6]
Hooked ShowMenu [10]
Hooked Fade [12]
Hooked VGUIMenu [13]
Hooked RadioText [21]
*********** Loading downloads.txt ************
*********** downloads.txt loaded ************
Hooking voiceserver
[EventScripts] Using ServerGameDLL004 for game found:
[EventScripts] C:\valve\hlserver\SRCDS\cstrike
** Registering files...
[EventScripts] Added: player_death
[EventScripts] Added: player_hurt
[EventScripts] Added: bomb_beginplant
[EventScripts] Added: bomb_abortplant
[EventScripts] Added: bomb_planted
[EventScripts] Added: bomb_defused
[EventScripts] Added: bomb_exploded
[EventScripts] Added: bomb_dropped
[EventScripts] Added: bomb_pickup
[EventScripts] Added: bomb_begindefuse
[EventScripts] Added: bomb_abortdefuse
[EventScripts] Added: hostage_follows
[EventScripts] Added: hostage_hurt
[EventScripts] Added: hostage_killed
[EventScripts] Added: hostage_rescued
[EventScripts] Added: hostage_stops_following
[EventScripts] Added: hostage_rescued_all
[EventScripts] Added: hostage_call_for_help
[EventScripts] Added: vip_escaped
[EventScripts] Added: vip_killed
[EventScripts] Added: player_radio
[EventScripts] Added: bomb_beep
[EventScripts] Added: weapon_fire
[EventScripts] Added: weapon_fire_on_empty
[EventScripts] Added: weapon_reload
[EventScripts] Added: weapon_zoom
[EventScripts] Added: item_pickup
[EventScripts] Added: grenade_bounce
[EventScripts] Added: hegrenade_detonate
[EventScripts] Added: flashbang_detonate
[EventScripts] Added: smokegrenade_detonate
[EventScripts] Added: bullet_impact
[EventScripts] Added: player_footstep
[EventScripts] Added: player_jump
[EventScripts] Added: player_blind
[EventScripts] Added: player_falldamage
[EventScripts] Added: door_moving
[EventScripts] Added: round_freeze_end
[EventScripts] Added: nav_blocked
[EventScripts] Added: nav_generate
[EventScripts] Done loading events.
** Registered modevents.
[EventScripts] Added: team_info
[EventScripts] Added: team_score
[EventScripts] Added: player_team
[EventScripts] Added: player_class
[EventScripts] Added: player_death
[EventScripts] Added: player_hurt
[EventScripts] Added: player_chat
[EventScripts] Added: player_score
[EventScripts] Added: player_spawn
[EventScripts] Added: player_shoot
[EventScripts] Added: player_use
[EventScripts] Added: player_changename
[EventScripts] Added: game_newmap
[EventScripts] Added: game_start
[EventScripts] Added: game_end
[EventScripts] Added: round_start
[EventScripts] Added: round_end
[EventScripts] Added: game_message
[EventScripts] Added: break_breakable
[EventScripts] Added: break_prop
[EventScripts] Done loading events.
[EventScripts] Added: server_spawn
[EventScripts] Added: server_shutdown
[EventScripts] Added: server_cvar
[EventScripts] Added: server_message
[EventScripts] Added: server_addban
[EventScripts] Added: server_removeban
[EventScripts] Added: player_connect
[EventScripts] Added: player_info
[EventScripts] Added: player_disconnect
[EventScripts] Added: player_activate
[EventScripts] Added: player_say
[EventScripts] Done loading events.
[EventScripts] Added: es_map_start
[EventScripts] Added: es_scriptpack_register
[EventScripts] Added: es_scriptpack_unregister
[EventScripts] Added: es_player_validated
[EventScripts] Added: es_player_setting
[EventScripts] Added: es_client_command
[EventScripts] Added: es_player_chat
[EventScripts] Done loading events.
maxplayers set to 32
maxplayers set to 16
Network: IP, mode MP, dedicated Yes, ports 27015 SV / 27005 CL
Hmm thats weird, u should post a screenie of the console where it says it cant allocate UDP port.
here's the screen shot.

.jpg   UDP.JPG (Size: 136.62 KB / Downloads: 43)
what's your startup commands? remove -port or any kind of command that specifies port from the startup line. Also remove +ip from the startup line. If that fixes the problem, you are good to know. If it doesn't come back to me and post to this thread.
"C:\SRCDS\srcds.exe" -console -game cstrike +fps_max 600 -autoupdate -pingboost 3 +maxplayers 16 -insecure -exec server.cfg

there is no port command or ip command in the command line at all.
that is realy strange i use to have that exsact problem but i fixed it by removing -port 27015 try running it without -exec server.cfg and see if there is something in ure server.cfg

well deleting exec from line wont do anything since it automatically execs it lol

When I had this I had to ADD the ip command to it, then it was fixed
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hey Drocona I did what u said to do by putting in thr ip command and still does the same thing and I also tried by reinstalling srcds. I port forward it but the weird thing is that it works on my other computer without port forwarding it in the router.
sorry for double posts
hey I got my server working and people can join. So I fixed the problem.
ok good job, what was the problem?
Join the Source Dedicated Server Support Group on Steam Community!
Source Dedicated Server (SRCDS)
Free to join, Live support! (When available)
I think it was my windows 2003 so I down graded it to xp pro and and reinstalled srcds and it worked.
BADASS Wrote:I think it was my windows 2003 so I down graded it to xp pro and and reinstalled srcds and it worked.

windows 2003 server can't run srcds?
are you serious?
nope It wouldn't work at all for me. It was crap to me. I don't like windows 2003. But to you guys what's the best OS to run a srcds server on?

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