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Program I am working on
I am working on a web application that gives out temporary rcon access to users that sign up for a time. I haven't released any files for it yet, but it is already in production use on the server I administrate.

Right now it uses rcon to change the password around and such, which obviously is flawed as the user could simply change the rcon password again and break the program. If you can think of a better way to do it, let me know.
having ftp access to edit the server.cfg and forceibly change an rcon password if someone attempts to break the cycle should work.
Or you could have users add 'exec rcon.cfg' to their server.cfg and your program edits that file via ftp each time someone breaks the cycle.

Looks like a good program your working on.

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Is there a way to execute a config file without using rcon?

Your idea is a pretty good solution. However, if you specify the rcon password in server.cfg, then the rcon password will reset whenever the map changes, which would break the reservation system.

My current idea is to email the administrator if the cycle gets broken so that he can restart the server or do whatever he needs to do.

I guess you could make the server.cfg read-only?
I have the initial version checked into cvs. I haven't created the install documentation yet, so its not really ready for use.

However, if you know perl, apache, and srcds you could get it to work.
what i mean is, whenever a server is being set up for someone to use, you overwrite the rcon password part of the server.cfg so that if someone does change the password, it will revert back to what was originally chosen when the map changes.

An admin will presumably have access to the server ftp directory at minimum so will easily be able to change the password and reboot the server if necessary Gaming Servers
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Ah, I see. Thats not a bad idea. It does add more configuration complexity than I would like though.

For now, I would like to release the first version with what I have so far. After that I need to implement a clean way of doing what you suggested.
I have a demo of the program up
espergreen Wrote:I have a demo of the program up

well, that page throws a 403. Wink
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simonlange Wrote:well, that page throws a 403. Wink

Yeah, I just took it down yesterday. My employer wants to wait a little before making it public.

The website will be back up soon, along with the first release of the program.
Just let us know when it's finished, this tool might come in handy for me.

Good work.
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I finally got around to releasing this. You can download the first version from the website.
One thing you could have done was intercept commands being used, You can probably do some if statement where if a certain command were to be used, you deny it.
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Looks great...
Could you a port variable so we can run multiple servers on a single IP?

Does this system kill the server process, or just rcon a quit, or rcon the changes?

Yes, I should be able to add that. Actually, I just did! You can check out the latest version from cvs.

All this program does is rcon the changes, its kind of a hack.

If you have any more suggestions, I would suggest posting them on the SourceForge project page rather than here..I don't check this forum very often.

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