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Friends outside my network can't connect
Hey, my friend and I just recently set up the SRCDS on my old computer. I can join my serv from my new computer that is on the same home network behind the same router, but none of my friends can join on their home PCs. I am using a linksys wireless router (the serv is connected with CAT 5 though, so it's not wireless), with an ATT Yahoo DSL modem. I am using wingate gate keeper to set up my port forwarding, and I think I have done everything correctly. Do I use the same IP to connect as my friends would? What IP would we use to connect to the serv? We've tried both the computer's ip (the comp that is running the serv), and the router ip (the one u use to set router setting), as well as the master server ips, and the Network IP shown in SRCDS. Sorry we are both very new at this, and didn't realize we would run into problems with this router. ANy help is greatly appreciated.

PS The target line in SRCDS.exe properties is C:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +map cs_italy -maxplayers 16 -autoupdate
You need to make a NAT in your router. There is some sites that explain this for your router... And it explains the ports you must remap to your server.
Your friend(s) can't join on your NETWORK ip. They have to connect to your WAN/External ip which you can find by clicking here:

Give that ip to your friend(s)

Also, -autoupdate doesnt work on windows so you can delete that
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