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Today, I set up 4 t1's to the internet all binded on a cisco router using a new ASN I got. (I am putting in a 30 meg uplink on cable, and a 50 on Dark Fiber in the next few months, so I will be running BGP then).

But for now, just for the heck of it I am setting up HLDS source. First off, its taken about 5 hours and the DL is still not complete. No idea why, I have speed.

Whats the approximate size of CS:S?

I am getting close to 6.1mbs at the bandwidth meter sites. Right now I am using one of my honeypots (PIII, 798 somethin mhz, 512mb ram).

Whats should I use for sv_maxrate with 4 binded t1's?
HLDS is about 1 gig. And you should have about maxrate of 5000 - 20000.

Someone correct me if Im wrong.


thanks for the quick reply. I am at 530mb. (after 5 hours) I just tested upload, and download, its great.

I am hoping its not the crappy computer I am using, Its really stripped down winxp.
I am pretty sure that it is on their end by limiting download speeds. Everytime I have installed source, it has been a long time..........
The server from which you download the SRCDS files has a limit around 2000kbps. so you won't download faster than that Wink
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