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VAC insecure, but i want secure
i running more as 4 Steam Server on one Windows Server. sometimes all server are vac secured and little hours later, one server is insecured.

Quote:Adding master server
Adding master server
Could not establish connection to Steam servers.

what can i do?

maximum clients on tcp reached?
sry my english, but i am german Wink
Are you running the standalone version or the steam version of the server. If your running the steam one, dont. Use the standalone. Also this is nothing out of the ordinary. It happens to my server but then a few mins later itll say its secure.
i use the hldsupdatetool updater, without the GUI

each game in the own folder
sry my english, but i am german Wink
PLEASE a answer...

now are 2 of 5 server insecure Sad
thats really IMPORTANTLY!
sry my english, but i am german Wink
just try restart it few times, happens to me too but after a while it's back
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Open up all steam ports on the server and make sure scrds.exe is not running on a known steam port (prefarably each server on tcp port 27015).
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i use following ports

and serverChecker for start/stop

maybe the firedaemon and windows service better?
sry my english, but i am german Wink
Use the search and open up ALL STEAM PORTS and don't run servers on the steam ports (preferably all steam servers on their default port: 27015, if you have the ip's).
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I have the same problem... I've two source servers and one 1.6 server. It seemes that after a while VAC2 on tow of the source server will lost connection to the steam server. To fix this I have shutdown 1.6 server and everything works fine again.
I think the two new updates long time ago, conflicted VAC2 port between different kind of server.

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