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Another question!!
how do i open the console in the game...cuz i hate having to go back to windows to do commands on the console!!
what console do you mean lol.
Client and server both have consoles, they are 2 different things.

You probably want to communicate to the server console on your client right?

Heres what you do:
Set an RCON password on the server (in the CFG)
ingame go to options>keyboard>advanced and select Enable developer console
Now when playing in your server press ~ to open the console
hold ALT on the first thing you type, if u dont the console disappears.
type rcon_password <password set in server CFG here>
type rcon <command to execute on the server console here>

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here's client side:

1. Option (bottom left corner)
2. Keyboard Tab
3. Advanced Button
4. Check "developer's console" Box
5. Press ` to open console.

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