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Whats the limit for my server (Specs!)
I have a dual opteron 244 system that i want to dedicate for CSS. I plan on colocating it, but wonder if hardware will be a problem.

I would like to run the following

24-28 Man pub (100 tick)
12 man private server. (100 tick)
24 man Vent/TS server

Here are the server specs:

Dual 244 opteron
2gb ram
I need to buy a scsi HDD. What size is good?
Should i upgrade to more memory?
I'm not sure about this but I think it's ok, maybe ram is low but...

the SRCDS is not much more than 1 gig so your scsi drive doesnt have to be that big, saves alot of $
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how much upload bandwidth do you have? The specs on the computer are good.
Specs will do just fine as long as you got the upload (100 mbit or 10 mbit capped).

Ram is fine also.

HD: buy a raptor sata (36 gb) or 18 gb scsi.
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