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I just wanted to post a quick thanks for the tutorial, it was a great help!
Im pretty sure the mods will appreciate that, or whoever wrote that tutorial. Although there is lots more besides that tutorial that needs to be done in order for a server to operate correctly. Have you forwarded any ports yet? Is the main question.
Not yet, still downloading the hl2mp file set.
Oh ok....well atleast you have gotten that far. Most users can't follow the offense to them. But ya after u get all the files I would look into port forwarding unless you plan on running a LAN only server. Here is the correct topic as to which ports need to be forwarded in order for your server to operate correctly.
If you have any questions feel free to ask. We are here to help and donate info. If i forgot anything, Dro, you know what to do.!.!.Smile
thanks alot man!
Hey no problem bro. I frequent here mainly to help people as enthusiastic as yourself. It's very nice to see people with your kind of attitude. Keep that up and you'll be one of the people giving out info instead of requesting it!!!!!!
YAY, its all done DL'ing now to install the mod and get her up!
Gah! Noobie time! Toungue
Now, I've got the server up, it runs great with six connections.
Now, the only problem is that its a lan server.
So, I understand that I will have to forard ports, I need to know which and how.
I am behind a router, and I have access to all of the computers on the network.
I've already set sv_lan to 0, so I understaind thats not the problem.
thanks again!
You have to forward ports mentioned in this post:

You can log into your router by going to the routers IP adress, if you don't know which adress this is you can do run>cmd and type ipconfig, then there will be a table telling a few adresses to you, the routers IP adress is the one ending with .1

When you login to your router you will have to go to something like port forwarding or virtual server, here you can enter ports and point them to your PC (where the server is running on) IP adress. Fill in the ports mentioned in that post.

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