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DOD:Source Stats Help Please!
I am running a DOD: Source server from my CPU with Mani admin plugin, and I would like to get better stats if possible. Hopefully you guys can help me with some questions.

Mani ranks stats a couple ways, kills (0), kills/deaths(1) and kills-deaths(2) I believe. Question 1, can the mani formula be modified? Can flag captures be taken into the equation?

The best stats seem to come from hlstatsx, however, I don't have a website. Question 2: In order to run hlstatsx, do you have to have a website? I really like the way it calculates the stastistics in servers I've gone onto.

Are there any other statistics plug-in's that don't require a website, and have a better formula taking into account flag captures?

Thanks for any help you guys can provide.
I have never used hlstatsx but I believe it is possible to run without a webserver, so just ingame stats. Best thing to do is just try it, will only be a few minutes Wink and if it doesnt work just delete..

Mani can NOT be modified in any way, this has to be coded into the plugin, which it is not Sad (Thats why I write my own Big Grin)

as for other plugins, I'm not sure, maybe Source Admin Plugin or Basic Admin Plugin, no Idea! just search around a bit on the plugin websites Wink
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Well, I downloaded it, then tried to look at their documentation, and the link for their documentation is broken. LOL. There isn't a good readme in the downloaded file either Sad

Anyone intsalled hlstatsx that can write a tutorial to help us all out with this who are interested?


Also in that howto they link to installation how-tos on unitedadmins site, so you have 2 how-tos right there. Let us know how it goes.
Yah, I saw that. The link to the english version of the installation is a dead link.

That's why I was asking if someone could please write a tutorial for how to install hlstatsx, or explain how to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Big Grin
You dont need webspace/webserver, but a MySql database is necessary for running just the ingame stats.

Easiest to do is just rent a complete installation with 5 euro a month and you get the webpage with it:
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