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Can anyone help me out, im trying to reserver 6 slots in a 6 slot server but i want them to stay open for players. I have been having problems with ppl not being able to join when i try to set it up.
reserved means they can not be used.

You go to a restaurant to your reserved place, you booked this via telephone or w/e. Now you get to the restaurant and your booked table isn't available because some other family came and took it.

Don't see that happen in real life eh?
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But if you pay enough money, you could reserve the whole restaurant and then assign your favorite 6 people admin rights and only allow them in right?

I have never had real success with the reserve slots in mani, the documentation was misleading last time I set it up. I was under the assumption that anyone would be allowed to play, but if a reserved slot player connected, someone would be kicked......didn't happen that way, slots just weren't allowed to fill. I would do a search for alternative reserving mods/addons.
reserve slots in mani is unclear, but this is how they work:

you have a 10 slot server, with 2 reserve. that mean only 8 players can connect. The reserve slots can only be filled by reserve users. The slots DO NOT FILL as if they did with regular players this is what would happen. A player with reserve rights would try to connect and it would fail as the steam GUI will block it. So this player never actually talks to the server. Now there is a method of hiding slots from the gui, so you have to use the connect command to get to them, this is a better way to do reserve slots and I will post the documentation on that once I find it.
Ok thanks
FYI this is the definations giving when doing a "cvarlist"
mani_reserve_slots : This defines whether reserve slots are on or off (1 = on)

mani_reserve_slots_allow_slot_fill : This defines whether reserver slots can be used up when joining or whether the reserver slots must remain free causing player kicks instead

mani_reserve_slots_include_admin : This defines whether the admins setup are part of the reserve slot list (1 = yes they are)

mani_reserve_slots_kick_message : This defines the message displayed in the client console when kicked for taking up a reserve slot

mani_reserve_slots_kick_method : This defines how a player is kicked, 0 = by ping, 1 = by connection time

mani_reserve_slots_number_of_slots : This defines how many reserve slots you have

mani_reserve_slots_redirect : This defines another server to redirect the player to

mani_reserve_slots_redirect_message : This defines the message displayed in the client console when redirected for taking up a reserve slot

And I can't remember the command to add to the server config file, but what it does is limit the number of visible slots seen in the steam server browser. So the server launch command would be something like maxplayers 8 and the command in the server config would limit the max visible to 6.

That way you can connect and once connected a player without a reserved slot would be kick and the 2 extra, entrance slots will be kept open, to allow more reserved players to join.
Use beetlesmod. You can have reserved slot hidden and only be used when players with a reserved slot connect.

So a 24 slots server with 2 reserved slots looks like a 22 slot server but still 2 reserved slot players at the same time can connect with 22 players allready ingame. The server then shows up as 22 slots available with 24 players ingame (for the time the 2 reserved slot players connect, when ingame it'l be 22/22 again).

You can also set the players being removed for making space to redirect to another server. Players with the highest ping allways get removed to make space for reserved slot players.
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Ok, but can I use beetlesmod and mani. If so that sounds good.
Beetlesmod has pretty much the same functions as Mani, and no I don't think they run together. You will probably get some errors that one wants to do this and the other do that
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sv_visiblemaxplayers 14 // Max players seen in server list (default=-1)

That is the command you want to hide the number of server slots. Use it with what I posted above and you should be able to setup what you want.

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