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my server has 256 upload but i have my ratse at
sv_minrate 3500
sv_maxrate 7500

that could suport 6 players with no choke

but when my mate told me to put it

sv_minrate 2500
sv_maxrate 3000

but know i can suport 10 players but i get choke that's around 50.
is their a way i can get rid of the choke.

what tickrate can my server support?
tichrate 33, standard.

you cant get rid of choke unless you up the maxrate.

btw are you sure you can run 6 players without lag? seems a bit impossible to me. If it really is not lagging please tell me. Just seems real weird with an upload rate that low.
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yeah i can do 6 without lag but every now and then their will be a lag spike

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