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is their a Mod for cl_Cmdrate
so clients on my server are cheating and using cl_cmdrate 10. giving them a low ping. they usally get 100 and now they get 5. the problen is it gives them a advantage and when u shoot them ur not htiing them cause their warping from one postion to another.

Is their any mods that i can get that help fix this problen?

i already used ratetweak, it makes it worse.
Hmmmm, is your server ran from a pc in your house. And the people u talk about are they on your LAN?
I think there's a server plugin calles Ace Rates or something like that. There are also more ofcourse. Problem is there are so much workarounds, they play with these rates or they get kicked.

Also I totally hate it when people are messing with my rates, servers doin ratetweaks on my client come on the never-play-again serverlist.

It's best to tell them to stop using cl_cmdrate 10 and up it to 100.
100 gives you a real low ping too but without lag.
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nah their not in my house their Internet
use a cvar blocker. I recomend cvar x from shared bans.

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