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64bit Linux?
Is SRCDS compatible with 64 bit Ubuntu Linux?
SRCDS is 32 bit, it will not use the 64bit.

As I posted in another thread, I read something about Valve making the games 64bit compatible. Altho I have never seen any release, updates or development stuff about it. So I have no idea if it will come...
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are you sure becuz someone else was talking about how then had a server on fedora core 64bit. games like bf2 have lots of 64bit servers. So i would say give it a try.
Valve has not made a 64-bit source server yet. What your friend is talkin about is he has Fedore Core 64-Bit, 64-Bit OS for 64-Bit processors. You can still run a 32-bit application on a 64-bit processor. Thats what hes referring to i believe. And when your on BF2 and you see 64-Bit, it's just ran on a 64-bit machine. Its not an actual 64-bit Server. I almost ran one.
ok Gocha

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