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Server Rates
what should my rates be if i have 256kps upload internet. on most website say i can handle 12 players but when i get 6 its lags like hell
they said my maxrate should be 3000

but steam support says mine shoud be sv_maxrate 7500
and my minrate 3500

but i don't know which one so could some one help me
you will never ever be able to run 12 player server on 256kbps without lag. i have 512kbps i get 8-10 without lag.

I think you'd be better off with 4 players and maxrate of 7500 to 8000
Try a bit and see whats best maxrate
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but heaps of forums and turtoils say i can
I have tried everything. I get like 7-8 on CS 1.6 and SOurce and it laggs like hell on a 384kbps upload speed.


hey jackle i have a server with 256k internet but im really only getting about 200k and my sv_maxrate is 5000 and i have very little lag on a 6 slot server so if u want my cfg files ill be happy to share casue its all about how u configure it Smile so let me know ill ttyl

[Image: colexcss.png]
COLE-X can i have ur Config trail mate.


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