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Virtual Playlist Player for Source Servers!
My name is Micdisc and I am the creator of Virtual Playlist Player, otherwise known as VPP. This was originally created for a DOD:Source Clan called [BDS]. It is distributed completely free for all to use. I only ask that you do not remove the credits. The zip package contains the neccessary files and instructions in order to set up the program. After successfully setting it up people will be able to play music in-game to where only they hear the music. They can also create their own playlists which can be played back then or at a later time. If they type playlist within the game a window pops up and shows them everyone's playlist and allows them to play it. If they type in music or vpp, they are taken to a screen which allows them to create their playlists and/or just play single songs. The zip package can be downloaded by following this link:
This program requires a PHP enabled webserver and Mani-Admin to be installed on the source server. You will have to be familiar with Mani-Admin in order to use this properly. In other words only Source Server Administrators need to install this.

My Xfire contact is: Micdisc
My E-mail is:

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