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Server FPS maxes at 50 !??
Runnin slackware 10.2 , 2.4 kernel

I ran all the proper parameters -tickrate 100 +fps 600 and all

typing stats in console shows fps ranging from 40 - 50 all the time

I read a post on moddifying the kernel HZ timings to over 100 (default) would this help? if its default 100 im only getting 50 anyway

would upgrading to kernel 2.6 help?
set the kernel Hz to like 1000 and it will be better, also use the pingboost startup command
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how would I go abouts doing that?
on slackware the best is u upgrade kernel to 2.6, caus 2.6 kernel doesnt support u needings
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Do you have raid ?
You can stay with the current 2.4 kernel you have installed. I get a constant 900+ FPS off of my altered 2.4.20-8 kernel with a setting of 1000 Hz.

I run redhat and am not sure if it will be simliar for compiling in Slackware but if you want help just ask and I can give you some details about setting it up.

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