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How do i make it that in the game i make somebody admin from the console, and then after they are an admin they can change ma and change gravity and things like that. Currently i have mani_admin Plugin. But if someboday can plz tell me how to do this that would be very appreciated

ps i ave the admins name in the admin adminlist.lst without any sufix's so he has no restrictions but he still cannot change the map, only i can through the Source Dedicated Server tool in console. )
in the mani adminlist.txt file you need to have either IP addresses or Steam ID's, also in this format
There ya go.
i did that exactly with the STEAM user ID and i can use talking commands as an amdin but i cant use any cvars commands and i didnt add any letters or numbers or anything after i typed in the STEAM user id... why doesnt it let me even change the map..
Make sure nothin is restricted in the adminlist.txt, and what command are you trying to use to change the map.
did u have them do "bind q admin" in the console?
or any other letter/key to replace q.
isnt it: bind "letter" "admin"
letter meaning anything you want there, I us alt.
every time i go to bind it says unknown command admin =(

I think you've forgotton to create a so called "cfg" file, server.cfg - do you have one like that?

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