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Cannot Start Source Dedicated server! :(
Hi All,
I am trying to run my source dedicated server from my PC. Everytime i load it, after the screen to choose map and name etc... comes up and ive clicked "Start Server" about 7 secs later i get the message "MountFileSystem( 241 ) failed: SteamMountFileSystem(216,241,0x107cfd7c) failed with error 5: No Steam Content Servers are avaliable

Any help would be great
post your command line and when did u download the server?
I did not use the HLDSupdate tool to update the server. I am running the server using steam. And the server im using is a 933mhZ ASUS 128mb RAM onboard Vga..etc...a barebone PC. i dont want to have to use the HLDSupdate tool. And i just recently set up the the steam account for it Today!

Aye thats your whole problem right there, if your using Dedicated Server under steam thats for regular ol CS and Source Dedicated server is of course for Source Dedicated. The steam dedicated servers are very buggy and require alot more resources then the standalone dedicated servers. My advice is to get the updatetool and download the files for the dedicated server of your choice. Tutorials at the top is really easy to follow, thats how i learned to install one.
sorry i need help on the same subject when my update tool was done updating i clicked on the icon to launch the server and i type the command in for ip and all that then it said server disconeccting then i clicked on the icon again and it wont go into the comand promt plz help i deleted the main files and did the update again and never help ..... many thanks
Maybe you should try reading my tutorial toothy.

It's in the tutorials section " : How to install, configure and run a SRCDS"
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i did still never helped hey

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