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I am running a Linux Server for the first time on my laptop using Ubuntu 6.06.
When I used the Windows Server, at the top it showed the number of players in the server and the FPS of the server. Is there any way of viewing this info with the Linux version?
type stats for FPS and status to see ppl that are playing
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lmao, i can't belive i forgot about those commands!!!

I guess I'll continue using this topic instead of creating a new one.

I am not able to RCON to my server. I type rcon_password password and then rcon mp_timelimit 30 and it tells me "unable to connect. I tried it on both of my computers, neither will allow me to connect. Any ideas?
Make sure to use the "+ip" flag when starting the server. If you don't, it'll bind to the loopback interface ( If that happens, you'll be able to play on the server just fine, but not use rcon.
If you are not able to rcon to your server make sure port 27015 on TCP is open.
It should be open, Im using a different computer now, but i went and changed each port over to the new IP. I'll check that later and see if that is the problem.

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