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Trouble Hosting Internet DS
Heres my problem:

I have 2 PC's that go PC>Switch>Router>ISP...
My LAN/Internal/Dynamic IP's are: 10.1.1.#
The External/Static IP for the PC i want to be a server is: 203......etc.

I have set the IP for the PC i want to be a server to a static 10.1.1.#. (from the Internal IP range so that it does not change when i restart the PC)

I am able to host a server but the server only shows in LAN tab in the Game browser. I have also tried adding -sv_lan 0.

Other People (over the internet) have tried finding the server but they cannot. they have also tried adding the server to favourites.

The Server IP/Port reads: 10.1.1.#:27015

Any help would be appreciated.
Ok you have to forward ports in your router.
Then, if you do this corect, your friends and other people will see the server. The server will neve show in the main list for YOU, it will always show up as LAN. You can check yourself if it's in the server list by going to and search for the name/ip.

Theres hundreds of posts about ports so just click one and you'll see the ports that have to be forwarded.
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Not to be confusing but if you see your router in the main list its no fault of your own and its fine. There is a few routers that will let YOU see your own, but not very many. I know one of the members here jackal, his setup for some reason lets him see it in the master list. Thought u might wanna know that tho Dro.

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