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People timing out on my server...
well ppl are timing out on my server, and that happens to me too, its not all that time out, but some...
its really buggy cause then the server doesnt hav alot of players...
is there something i could do?
my rates are at 50, im not sure if im gonna run 33 or 100 tick(using rabbits steam manager), and i also hav a 1.6 server...
theres is some other problems with server, but tahts to do with isp, which makes the server main ip,, to only work in norway(where i am from)...and, which can be 47701 to 3456), and i hav to use to find the 213.. ip...
well the main problem is the timing out, what can i do?
lol i host my sever at home and it works just fine and i dont have anyone timeing out or anything and im on about 256k upload and i suport 6 players just fine..anywho yeah if its at your house make sure your internet is dedicated and no inconsistents and that your sever is good like on a nice pc and all..anywho hope i can help Toungue

[Image: colexcss.png]
i hav 6 mbps internet, run one 1.6 server aswell as css.
and i hav 16 mans server, but could inconsistency really do that much?
yes im hosting this at home
what is your upload speed? I take 6mbps is download.
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