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"lag" on 24 slot custom map server

im running a 24 slots custom maps server. Here are the server specs:

p4 3 ghz HT
Windows 2000

this "my server", its not a rented game server. So when there are 24 players on it and they play a map for 2 or more hours, the server starts to "lag". Its no lag which could be produced by the server hardware in my opinion as while this 24 man play the cpu never gets about 40 % usage and the ram is around 400 mb of 1 gb used. The bandwith usage is around 4 MBIT out of 100 MBIT possible.

Im running the server on ticrate 100 and ususally the server fps is around 400-500 fps with 24 slots used. There was a thing i recognized once when i checked the server while it was running severals hours. The fps "spiked" down from 500 fps to 70 fps in cycles of couples of seconds. Any ideas whats the issue here ? The server runs mani mod and cvar block also.

Thx for any help in advance.
Change the map once an hour. Also it's not recommended to run tickrate 100 servers with more than 18 slots.
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Hollanda Wrote:Also it's not recommended to run tickrate 100 servers with more than 18 slots.

Could you explain it a little further ? Would be very nice. I mean why i shouldnt use ticrate 100 with more than 18 slots.

Thx in advance.
It is known to give lag problems and other issues on the server pc etc.
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