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Can't Forward Ports
Ok well first of all ive been having troubles getting my server to show in server browser and everyone tells me forward my ports and gives me no details so I just go to and it says i gotta set up some static ip well i didnt know what the hell it is so i just went a couple steps and i go to type in command in your run window and comes up with a error message the system file is not suitable for running ms-dos and windows applications choose close to termaniate application, well if i press ignore or close it still closes then i try typing cmd in my command window and it comes up but the dam thing wont recongize any of the commands i want it to. And its really starting to piss me off that i cant get my stupid server to show to everyone else and theres all this port forwarding crap that doesnt even make sense and does work and no one is really helping me and its been like a bunch of hours to download and a bunch of hours just trying to get the server to show on the browser for everyone else to see, heres all so some more specs

when i type in sv_lan it says

"sv_lan" = "0"
- Server is a lan server ( no heartbeat, no authentication, no non-class C addresses )

omg i just want someone to give me a answer that actually makes sense for stupid

~Someone PLEASE!!!! !! ! ! ! ! ! help!~
Oh i would all so like to know how to put rank and stats on my server
Ok portforwarding has to be done on your router, usually the IP adress of your router is or

When you enter these in your browser (IE/Firefox/anyother) then you will see a login screen, enter your login information. If you don't know what the login is ask the one who set up your network.

Then you go to something like virtual server or NAT settings or portforwarding (it's different depending on which router you have). Then there will be fields where you can add port ranges or ports to open. This is where you enter the ports you have to open and direct them to your internal IP of the pc where the server runs on. (you can find your internal ip adress by going to start>run and type cmd. When in the commandpromt type ipconfig. It should now show some adresses. Depending on your router it will say something in the range of 192.168.0.x or 10.0.0.x, if the x says 1 its your router so the other one is yours.

If you dont have a router forget all this, you dont have to do forwarding if you dont have a router.

For the Server you have to make a server.cfg and make a shortcut to it with commandline parameters. If you dont have any idea how this works, cfg and stuff, please tell me I will explain too.

Ranks and stats can be added by running mani admin plugin, ofcourse there are other plugins too but mani is the most "famous".
There is a good helpfile on it, might you have any trouble feel free to post.

Main thing to do is get your server working. After that add plugins etc.

Good luck
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Well, cfg and that stuff? ok what a hell. got the same proplem.
Dont know how to get on internet whit server. nowbody can connect
to my server. Sad only me. Sad Sad dident help. Sad

I haw try a year! Sad
do you have a working cfg and commandline startup for your server?

EDIT: Oopsy Typo
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