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problem with starting server
hi can somone help me ive downloaded the server and maked map and all files are in it ok when all was finisht and i open the server,nothin happens its weird ive did all like 5 times but it dont work im hopelesSad pls help me out Sad
How are you starting your server. Are you running your server from console or are you running it as GUI.
i do in console but what is GUI if i may ask
GUI is the Graphical User Interface provided by Steam, It looks green, doh, and we highly suggest NOT to use it, console has alot advantages.

please tell us what exactly is the problem.. We cant help much if you say it doesnt do anything lol
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ok my prob is i have done evrything on tutorial to geth the server ok i have a map srcds, ok if i klick to open the server it dont open
nothing happens i dont see the server its weird im a noob so cant explain good, but i hope you can tell me whats wrong
You do not click srcds.exe to start the server. type this in run. c:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +map de_dust -maxplayers 16 and hit enter. Repost your results containing what happened.

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