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Server only shows in favorites, not in search!
Ok well im new to making dedicated source servers and i made my first one that i can actually play on! w00t well i add it to my favorites and can play it perfectly but to check and see if its in the list of servers you can join its not i wait till it refreshes everything and its never there. I all so tried to get one of my friends to go into his favorites and add the ip address and it didnt work... Im not sure whats wrong can anyone help me?

I all so was wondering how to use the consol version of dedicated server, because i had the console version up but i exited and forgot how to get back to the console version and when i was messing around i got to the gui version or whatever and that works but i still wanna use the other way becuase its suppose to be better.

for the console version add -console to the command line

your server not showing up sounds like a port problem. Be sure to forward your ports on your router correctly. Ports can be found everywhere, just do a little search on these forums or on google!
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Or possibly your just giving your friends the wrong ip. Just trying to pitch out every possibility. Big Grin

To make sure your giving them the right one

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