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Problems with New Update
Ive been having weird problems with the new update that valve put out. The one that put HDR in dust2 and stuff. All the maps are weird now with weird lines on the ground everwhere. Ive also got complaints that sometimes it feels like your moving faster in the server now. I also noticed that in dust2 there is weird brown smoke now. Is anyone else having these weird problems and if so does anyone know what i can do to get it fixed?
[Image: a.jpg]
I havent seen HDR on dust2 yet.. I have on dust tho and it's way too bright. Everyone has it... when HDR is enabled ofcourse.
I havent had any complaints about all the maps being weird..
Smoke in dust2 has been added as a visual effect.

The "faster" movement might be explained by the server loading skill2.cfg instead of skill1.cfg with the cvars higher than the normal ones. Just change skill1 to skill2 or set sv_accelerate back to 5
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i hear the last update changed the variable sv_accelerate to 10 from the default of 5, that may explain why everything seems faster. you can just set it back to 5 and restart.

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