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1) Ok, I was wondering what all parameters can be specified at the server's start-up. Here are some specific parameters i wonder about:
Can sv_cheats, sv_password, or other settings be specified in the start-up .bat file?

2) Also, what are some performance optimizations i can do for my 10 slot Garry's Mod Server (a very server intense mod)?
I have a AMD 64 3200+ (2Ghz) and 1Gb ram running WinXP x64.
384 Kilobits upload speed
3) What are the best settings for things like sv_maxrate and ticktrate I can do with my server?
TBH i dont think a 384 KB upload speed can handle a 10 player server.
no those variables cannot be given in a .bat file, you have to put them in your server.cfg or in a custom assigned cfg file.

10 players wont run for sure... I have 512kbps and i can hardly run 8 players on normal quality. It hink your connection will be good for 4, maybe 6 players if your lucky.
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