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Right, i downloaded the hlds update tool and have installed my server successfully along with MANI for CSS. I can play on my server by connecting to my local IP but i cannot with my external ip. My server doesnt show up on the server list, i dont even know what the external ip is. I have spent time configuring the ports but im now stuck becaue the only thing i can connect to is my local IP address. What do i need to do to solve this headache??
well for your external ip go here:

for the rest.. i cant really help with the port forwarding stuff, I gave up on routers half a year ago
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If you have a cheap home router, you will not likely be able to play using the external IP as they usually don't support routing back to the internal interface from an internal interface.

You will need to forward the following port ranges to the internal IP of your server.

27000-27020 UDP
27030-27039 TCP
1200 UDP
27015-27016 TCP

I'm assuming your router is configured to allow all outbound traffic as all home routers are by default.

Do wat these super-cool people are saying ^ up there ^.

But for my router at least I just connect to my pc's ip. And I have my friends connect to the external. I never connect to my own external.

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