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i found this useful to do not sure if most already have this done, but that command line is a little hard to remember and sometimes you doubt yourself after looking at so many / +_ "" fps.... so i created a HlsrcdsUpdatetool.bat file and when i see something buggy on the server like all last week happened , now i just click on the bat file and it has all my info saved and walla...updates in progress....

this is basically all you need

cd \srcds

hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir e:\srcds

"change e to your drive letter"

save as .bat
I made a shorcut a while ago, very handy, really s*cks to type it all over again and again and again Big Grin
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I made the same shortcut also, but I also have ServerChecker open the file once a day.

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