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cannot exec lo3.cfg via rcon
i am unable to exec any of the cal configs, lo3.cfg, lo3ot.cfg orany of them via rcon, it jsut says "unable to execute lo3.cfg" i can rcon and change maps and whatnot but not the most important thing of executing cal cfg...any ideas??

actually it looks like i cant exec any commands via rcon, not even kick_bot or mp_restartgame, is there a confirmatin message when you successfully connect via rcon?
You are entering your password first right? rcon_password #######

Then typing rcon exec lo3.cfg

If you are doing that and it doesn't work, maybe you have some admin restrictions set.
yes im doing exactly that, and i think your roght about the admin restricts, where are those edited, i forgot i had admins set up in mani admin but i dont use that soooo...
You can set restrictions in the adminlist.txt file, or if you have groups set up go to admingroups.txt, but if you are using the beta of mani, I am not sure. I think that you can manually edit the clients.txt file, but you may have to use console.

thats just it, im using my server for cal so i cant use ANY mods especially mani admin, where am i supposed to put admin then?
stupid question but do you have a lo3.cfg in your cfg folder?
If you have the rcon password you can do ANYTHING on RCON. There are no things as restrictions on rcon. Every client can do everything as long as they have access.

As fgdn says:
Do you have lo3.cfg in your cfg folder?
be sure it's not in any subfolder.. if it is type exec <folder>\lo3.cfg
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yes i have lo3.cfg, lo3ot.cfg, cal_ot.cfg,server.cfg,and mani_server.cfg, but mani_server.cfg is not called in my server.cfg file...i even tried rcon exec cfg/lo3.cfg, not sure if its the new updates, but i found a list of commands and they all said to type admin_rcon in front of everything but thats not taking and all i have to do is type rcon <command> i am able to change maps, kick bots, add bots, just not enable the cal.cfg
well if im within the network and connect from my laptop to the server i can rcon, but when i go to my store and connect, it says unable to connect, is there a specific port that needs to be open for rcon???
Well TCP 27015 is for RCON but more then likely you have it enabled.
NOPE!!!!! that was it, i had UDP 27015 enable but not TCP
Sweet action, I love helpin people.
lol, thought that was it but got to work and still couldnt rcon anything
Well if you don't use mani, either start usin mani for its rcon command ( ma_rcon ) to replace normal rcon or uninstall mani admin? =)
like i said in the beginning, i cant use ANY admin plugins since we use the server for cal matches, I have all ports opened necessary i think
CS Source UDP 27000/27015 always
Steam1 UDP 1200/1200 always
RCON TCP 27015/27015 always

password is set in the server.cfg

// server name
hostname "»TREK« 24/7 CAL CS:Source Match Server"
// rcon passsword
rcon_password "********"
and no matter what i do i cant exec anything not even kick a bot via rcon.

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