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I run a couple different lans in my area and I've decided to start useing srcds, but im having trouble getting any custom maps to work. None will load correctly i assume. Ill post screenshots if you need them, but i was wondering first if there is something i need to alter in order to allow custom maps.

Please answer fast i have a lan in under 24 hours
First, post what you have tried sofar...
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I've placed the maps and thier files into thier places, and ive made the server start command start with the custom map.

c:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +map de_747 -maxplayers 16 -autoupdate

^^ like that ^^

and i've looked all through your forums for any similar posts. Im very active on other forums for some other stuff and i hate when people are lazy and just make a new thread. But i didnt find anything helpfull.

I also have another issure with running Dodgeball Source, but its not as important
Alrgiht i have a little more information for youl.
This is the screen shots of the errors.

I have added the map names to the maplist

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Are u sure ur writing the whole map name cuz i coulda sworn the name of that map is de_747_css
yes i am 100% sure. any ideas.
I never seen the invalid BSP file error, is the exact same map playable on the client? It looks like it is corrupted or something.

Maybe you could try download a newer version if possible or just download it from a different website
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Are you sure the maps you were downloading are for Counter Strike Source, make sure theyre not for Counter Strike. I had this exact thing happen to me once when i accidentally dl/ed a counter strike map.
well i've tried about 5 different maps. i have taken them from different sites and all of them were under CS:S
This looks like a 1.6 of CZ mapfile.bsp. Give a downloadlink plz...
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