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Weird strafing
on my dedicated server there is no slow down when changing strafe directions.

has anybody else had this problem, or know how to set strafe speeds to default?

i've only experienced this once before on a gun game mod server.

just barely installed srcds so almost everything is default.
I have noticed that after the last update, the strafe speeds seem to be higher on mine as well.......good for dodging bullets....bad for sniping....I see that the update release info didn't really say anything about it, but I am sure that is what caused it.
I have read an e-mail from some VALVe guy that the svars in skill1.cfg are now set higher and skill1.cfg must be renamed to skill2.cfg
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alright, thanks, i just deleted the skill cfg's and changed sv_accelerate back to 5. apparently it got set to 10.
update your server, they relased a fix for the speed on player issue.

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