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SV_Region for Texas?
High, my server is located in northern Texas, and I was wondering what to set sv_region to in the server.cfg file. I had it set to world for a while, then I thought that it might help to narrow it down so I set it to US_East_cost. Now I'm not sure if I am getting as many people joining. What should it be set to? World, East, or west coast?
US - West & US - East, not sure of the region numbers though.
[Image: banner.gif]

// us eastcoast - sv_region 0
// us westcoast - sv_region 1
// south america - sv_region 2
// europe - sv_region 3
// asia - sv_region 4
// australia - sv_region 5
// middle east - sv_region 6
// africa - sv_region 7
// world - sv_region 255

How do I set it for two regions at the same time?
Why would you want to do that? If you are unsure if it is East or West, I know that I have been on a few Servers in Tx that are set up as West Coast. Really, it doesn't matter, it will just put your server in that regions server list. You could set it to 255 to encompass everything I guess.
If I could set it for both the east and west coasts, I may be able to get twice the number of people to join.
you cant set it to 2 regions, the only option to cover east and west is to use world, which means it will show up everywhere. Now most people have ping filters so most people will join from the U.S. anyway
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