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making server less laggy?
how do i make my server less laggy, i have a 112kb/s down and 15kb/s up, i cant upgrate that...just wondering what are some cmd i can disable or enable to make it less laggy (server ip, if i go over 3 players there pings jump to 500ms and over, how do i stop this or help it not be so high
if you want to host 4 players i would put my tickrate to 33 (this is default) and set my sv_maxrate to 3750, if it still lags put it to 3500.

THere really isnt much you can do about it... I always calculate atleast 5kb/s PER PLAYER in the server for my bandwisth. This is however too low when you start to host 8+ players..

15/5=3 players.
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