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Poll: Good specs?
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Are these good computer specs?
Not sure. I am:
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.4 GHZ
768 Mb RAM
High Speed internet: Comcast
Windows XP Pro.
Behind a router, directly connected to router though. (Wired)

Good anough? Can anyone give a good guess of how many peoples can go on it?
Details please. Thanks! Big Grin
Well the pc will hold a nice enough amount of players.
altho, you should give us some info on your connection upload speed. It can be 256kbps up to 2mbps... it makes alot of difference

I checked the comcast website and it said either 384kbps or 768kbps upload. I think you can host this depending on what connection speed you have.
384 kbps = like 6 players
768 kbps = like 12 maybe 14 players

In the last case (768kbps) I think you should be able to host an average server.

Router doesnt matter as long as you can do the necessary port forwarding! Altho I hate routers, I never use them. They can be a real pain in the ass and never work as you want them to work
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Other than your internet connection your good unless you have a busness Comcast connection. Otherwise your pobably around 7-12 players. Personaly my home internet is advert'd at 10mbps and gets a DL speed of 6mbps but my upload is 450-550. The reson for this is as being residintal they dont expect you to host anything nor want you to. Therefore you wonat be able to handle many players if you are residental. Nobody gives you the quality. But if your working out of your residentail place you can still get busness lines which would allow you to run a few on that computer but you couldent play on it at the same time of couce.
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