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How to create a working cfg file?
Also, can some1 tell me how to actually name the cfg!

And as well can some1 help me as "Error: Material "Sprites/Bubble" : proxy "Animate texture" not found!" in the console

thank you everyone for your help in advance
First off if you flame nobody realy wants to help.
Secont this is a forum not a chat so it takes time for response. Its almost like public email.
Third, if you serch the forum you'll find a link to a config maker that will make it and also tell you how it works. IE: (Anything after // is ignored) and it will also make it then you only have to add what you want extra.
Everyone has that error, ignore it, it doesnt do anything at all
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What I do is I find another .cfg file (server.cfg for example), then copy it, delete everything inside of the new file, then start from there.
So when I needed a server.cfg file and couldn't find out how, I just copied mani_server.cfg, pasted and deleted everything inside of the new file, renamed and put everything in there.

May not be the best way, but it works.

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