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Cannot execute server.cfg
I have been messing around with a server running on my sister's computer and I got the console to load, but it ran into some problems. I went to one of the stupid server.cfg generators, read the rate guide on Wikipedia, created a server.cfg file, and then saved it at server.cfg in quotes so that it won't be saved as server.cfg.txt. I put this in my cstrike folder. I also ran the ping boosting program and installed the 1.2n rc1 beta of the mani mod. All seemed well untill the console said "missing bubbles.??? in materials", then "could not execute server.cfg". I don't think I deleted anything, so what could be wrong. BTW, I cannot see the server on the main server list on CSS. Please help.
Have you verified that it is server.cfg? Is it in the correct place.....cstrike/cfg folder.
I just put it in the cstrike folder, but I will move it to the cfg folder.

EDIT: Thanks, that did it, but I am still missing several files... Also, it won't show up on the main CSS server list.
Missing files? What is missing?
I was mainly wondering why I could not access the server from my other computer on the network. Should I change the port number of the server? I think that my client uses 27015 as well, so could that be causing problems? It also said "master server connection disabled"Sad
Well, try checking the LAN part and see. Some Routers do not let you view it on the "Master Server List"


Thanks again. It turns out that the problem was that I was using my wan address to try to connect to the server when I was inside the LAN. I fixed that, but I am wondering if it is normal for a server to not show up in the main CSS list if it is inside your LAN?
If the port forwarding is done crrectly it will show up in both
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Yes, I have forwarded port 27015 in my software firewall as well as my Buffalo router.

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