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DataTable warning: player: Out-of-range value (3258.439209) in SendPropFloat 'm_
This is showing up on my surf server.
DataTable warning: player: Out-of-range value (3258.439209) in SendPropFloat 'm_
vecVelocity[0]', clamping.
How may I fix this.
What's the problem ingame ?
[Image: banner.gif]

In the game it dosnt seam to have any affect but when looking through logs its extreamly anoying having that show up a ton of times in a log (Thankfuly I dont have the server public). I think I was surfing by my self (Host on dif server) and from 5 min and changing maps there where over 1000 of these pesky things.

I almost thught it was causing the player to be grabed and let go but without affecting speed just for less than a secont though.

At first I thout the problem was that my sv_maxspeed 320 and as I was moving so fast but I turned it up and that is not the problem.

The user wont see this eahter.
It has no effect at all, I've had it multiple times with BOT spawns in my zombie server. However, bots were there at the place they were supposed to be so it's just annoying thats all Smile

I have no idea how to fix this, I just did a clean install and never had it again...
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Ah so its being caused partly by CSSBig GrinM mabe. I'll try disabling it. But it hapens more when I'm in the air surfing w/o bots going reallly fast.

Talking in new one now as its more alive and is the same error just not compleatly stated.

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