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VMware + Linux Dedicated
Okay I just setup a VMware Server, For those that dont know its a Virtual Machine. Its running Redhat EL4, Athlon 64 w/ 2gig of ram, on Raptor HD. My ISP is 6meg Down 748 up. The tick rate is 33 w Upto 16 people.

Question 1:
For some reason people will get a ping between 100-250. Then some others will get 60...... Now I know it cant be my ISP because i had a dedicated the same way w Windows 03 server, and others will get a 60 ping. Any Ideas what could be causing this??

Question 2:
Sometimes when you play the game will chop out.. As in the oppoent will be standing there and then .4 secs later he's behind you. This problem could be realted to question 1.

more info:
VMware is only showing 33% server utilatization... So its still got plenty of Ummphh behind it.. Any thoughts ideas. What do i try next?

Just curious, why the change from windows server 2003? or why not just run a linux server instead of virtual? My guess is that it is from the vmware software. Basically it is like an OS emulating another OS and running applications from that right? That has got to slow some processing down.
We had a very nice one on 03, but we shut it down 4 months. Now we wanted to try it out on Linux. Well were emulating it because we have DHCP & DNS running on that box. It was all an experiment messing around w Virtual Machines. Soo now this is where im at... I may just take it down and run on a Straight Linux box. But ive heard that Linux is really not the Best for it. Stating that STEAM is optimtized for Windows.

So i figured I would see if anybody else is having this prob, before I change Machines....

I think it should slow the proccessing down but it dosent show its bogging "CPU/MEM" threw VM and Windows "Which is the Primary OS VM is running on" and Linux...??
If you try playing on the server from behind your LAN, do you have choppy gameplay?

If the problems do not occur to players behind your LAN but occur for players connected via the internet, that usually means there's a problem on the WAN (internet) side of your connection. Things may have been great a few weeks ago, but routes and speeds do change frequently on some residential internet connections.

VMware + Servers/apps in it do NOT work

VMware is real slow, no matter what, it still runs on windows, so it's like running an OS on windows.

I used it to experiment with Linux too but... no good.
Now we have BOTH linux and windows installed, nice boot menu which to choose, runs very nice and fast.

Just dont use VMware Smile
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Yah Im thinking the Same thing. That its got something to do w router hops. Now one of my friends was playing from the outside and said it would chop out. But Im unfortunatly in the lan, while the Server is in the DMZ.. And I do have to agree w you Dracona that I think the VM is slowing the processing down alot. So i guess im going to just use a straight linux box. Thx for the help guys! much appricated!

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