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Multiple Map Cycles
Im sorry if this has been posted before but I am unable to find it there anyway to load a map cycle, so you can have a config file that when loaded sets the map cycle to dust/dust2 therefor having a dedicated dust server?

Is it possible in mani? Or in a config? Thanks Cool
If you only want your server to run dust/dust2, only put those 2 map names in the mapcycle.txt file.
But if you want a dust/dust2 map cycle for only some of the time, you cant switch between map cycles? As in loading through a config file?
I think you will have to restart your server for a new mapcycle.
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I heard there was a way to have the server switch to another map cycle once the server has x amount of people. Such as one map list when the server is at 0-10 people, and then once the server reaches 11-20 people, go to this other map cycle.

I don't exactly know how, but if I find it I will tell you. I'm sure you can switch the conditions around to fit your needs.
Well, I think that you would be able to create a script that would at noon copy maplist1.txt to mapcycle.txt, then at midnight copy maplist2.txt to mapcycle.txt. I believe that after you copy the files, you would have to server restart. If you use Mani, it has a crontablist.txt file that can be set to execute commands at specific times, or ServerChecker can restart server at given times. I hope this is helpful, even though I didn't write the script...I don't think it would be that hard.
Ok, I did it on mine just to see if it would work....and it did. Do like I said above, create 2 maplist files, then create 2 bat files with commands to copy the maplist to mapcycle.txt. Then you can execute the bat files at specific times either by windows task scheudler, windows "at" command, or if on linux use your cron.

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