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linux or windows ?
Im curious whats actualy better for a css server linux or windows ?
steamgames are optimized for windows.
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Hollanda Wrote:steamgames are optimized for windows.
i was running on mandriva then the cpu usage was like 5% when iddle.

I know have a stripted to bone version of xp and runs 0% when server idle.

not much of a diferens but its importent the usage
w2k3 is much more stable though.
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Windows for sure..
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Windows Stable, words not see togather much. I have a linux server and it runs fine. I would suggest not using fedora core. The easyest one to have i would thing to be ubuntu. I have never had server crash or had to restart the server. But, im a linux fan!!
Well, Fendora Core is a ok linux distro. But allthough it's not the most stable and it have had some cases on using more RAM than it has to. (mutch like windows Toungue ) I am running 3 Linux and 1 windows server at home. (2 of the linux servers are file server, and the windows one was.) What I have experienced is that in windows 2003, it starts eating your ram, I have been faced with afther 1-2 months windows had eaten 60% of my ram ( I have 2048) On my linux servers on the other hand, I have had them online for 136 Days, 96 Days and 469 Days, and they still havent began eating my ram. So personaly I perfer linux, But yet again, I am a linux fan aswell.

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i have a fedora5 x86-64 server and mem usage is only 175MB thats with http, ftp, teamspeak, and srcds running.-- kernel 2.6.15

oh also I have just started using this webmin tool for linux. It is very handy. Big plus for linux users.

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