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Srcds.exe gui nor console will start :(
Hey well i got hlds update tool installed it all fine for -game "counter-strike source" in dir c:\hlserver then when i go to the folder and double click the srcds.exe file nothing happens and it aint in process menu, then when i try thru console with the console parameters etc.. still nothing happens just blank. Im running it on a windows sp2 machine if thats whats causing it but i cant really change that. I really want to get a server up for my source clan please help guys.

i tried making a server.cfg file in the c:\hlserver\cstrike\cfg folder and then tried again both ways but still nothing. I followed all the guides exactly and at the end of hlds uodate tool it said up to date etc.. fine you know so i dont know what the problem is. Something i found weird was the srcds.exe file was under 200kb
Dont use gui its widely known theres alot of bugs, and uses more resources then console. The srcds.exe file is the right size, but try using this command line from run in the start menu.
C:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +map de_dust +maxplayers 16
This will only work if your server is installed to C:\srcds. If its installed to say C:\src then use
c:\src\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +map de_dust +maxplayers 16
Post back with your results.
What hexit said is fine, i prefer to use a shortcut on my desktop tho.

It's faster and less typing,
just create a new shortcut, point it to SRCDS.exe and add the commands behind the shortcut (in the properties window), same stuff as what hexitnow said Smile
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yo guys i got it working in gui mode, does it use a lot of resources compared to console coz i got it all working etc.. and 2 ppl joined lag went crazy. Umm and the computer and connection is good
GUI mode does use more resources, not to mention, is very buggy also. Not recommended to use that. Console is def. the way to go.

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