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blocking custom skins
how (or with what) can you block clients from using custom skins?

also, is there a complete (or extensive) var list for srcds somewhere that i can bookmark? thanks
nevermind, found one here:

good thing google's search function isn't broke Toungue
still need help blocking custom skins, though. thanks!
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Like custom weapon skins? if so
Quote:sv_consistency 1


Woulden't that also block sprays though?
And also how do you change your skin so its differnt to all players because that could be a very usefull feacure for showing who's an admin if you can force it on a player.
Ops, Forgot to cap the D in my name.
Could one of you admins fix that for me.
That can be done with Mani Admin Plugin, you can give people different skins, for example with admin on their backs.

Ofcourse everyone has to download these when they join
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jackaL Wrote:
Quote:sv_consistency 1

so to unblock custom skins it would be sv_consistency 0


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