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Quake Sounds
i need help i instaled mani admin plugin with usin the source dedicated server way it work buts i got some problem beacause the mani_admin_quake dont work if some1 know how could i instal it.. help me plizzz!
Have you downloaded the quake pak from mani's web site? Also, have you enabled quake sounds in mani_server.cfg? If those are done, you should be able to type quake in the chat area and it should turn on.
i use the new version of mani admin plugin ok the plugin use mani_quake sounds.cfg to work with it!
So you have it working??

You need to add a few things to your server.cfg file.

exec mani_quake_sounds.cfg or what ever the name of the file is called.

Than you need to add an ma_ command, i dont know what it is forsure but i have it on my server ill posted it if you need help still when I get home.
hey i have the quake installed and its loads sucessfully but i dont know how to turn it on?? whats the command?
where to add the ma_ command ?????
where to add the ma_ command ?????
where to add the ma_ command ?????

/\ i don't understand add comamands sorry

to turn on Quake just type Quake in console
[Image: Ladysig.png]

exec mani_quake_sounds.cfg

Into your mani_server.cfg

Now in your mani_quake_sounds.cfg

Change the following:

mani_quake_sounds 0


mani_quake_sounds 1

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