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Few Questions about Ded. Server
Hey guys, I'm new Smile

I have a few questions about Source Dedicated Server.

1. I want to set a server for my clan (for practices, scrims etc) for about 11-12 slots. The server is going to run on my computer, and I'm gonna play CS:S from this computer (where the server will be). Will it lag because the server is running? Because I need a smooth server for practices.
(I have AMD 64 3700+, 1024Mb Ram, 80Gb Hard, ATI x850XT PE and Internet about 400 upload and 3Mbps download)
2. Can I leave my computer running (with a server) all day and night, won't it get slow or anything of that kind?

Thanks for your time, I apreciate It.
1. I think the server will actually be faster for you since your hosting it, it will also give you an extreamly low latency (Time it takes for information from the server to get to you).

2. I'm sure you could leave it running, it will probrably use roughly the same amount of CPU the whole time. I would suggest running it at "AboveNormal" CPU speed while your playing, then set it to "High" when your computer will be idle.

yea, as long as your operating system is runnin decently, it should be fine. Decently meaning your hard drive isn't riddled with spyware/adware and file fragmentation has takin a toll.

But it shouldn't have any effect on it, just restart the game server itself every day or soo (you can set this automatically pretty easily) early in the morning when no one is ever on anyways. And yes to help prevent lag set the server priority to above normal. you will have a very low latency, but it will not effect others. and your game play should be better, if you set client rates according to lan-like speed.
in response to number 2.

sure ya can leave it running 24/7. I have an SRCDS on a win 2000 machine and it runs all the time with no problems. It should get slow, if it does just restart srcds.exe and get on with life! Big Grin
12 Slots may be a bit much for 400k, but I guess if you set the updaterate's and rates low it could handle it. There is really only one way to find out though.....try it. I have read all (well, a lot of) different tutorials on calculating rates, slots, etc....and they are all different.
As i said before i can hardly reach 8 players on my server (33 tick) When i try everything that seems to be possible it will run with 20 choke or so... (I got 512k)

I dont think you will come anywhere near 12 with 400k
If you do manage to run a lagfree 12 player server please show me your settings.
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THanks for your responses guys, I appreciate it.

I tried it 2 days ago, 11 players server, 100 tick. It lagged with 10 people on, it could only not lag with about 5-6 players. I don't know if its my hardware, because I think my CPU is fine (its overclocked to @ 2.5 GHz). Im pretty sure its my internet speed that lags the server, although I havent tried 33 tick and 66 tick, but 33 tick is too low cuz my clan needs smooth server. I guess I could try 66 tick, maybe itll be fine.
I'm 100% sure it's your internet connection

as my server is a 1GHZ P3 with 650MB ram and runs perfectly fine. Although when goin on the internet i lag because of my 512k connection.

You need like at least 1600k up to host a nice 16 player server at 100 tick
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