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irc fun
since a long time i started irc'ing in counter-server again ;P

this what came up:

Quote:21:50 ShadowOps [] has joined #counter-server
21:55 < ShadowOps> Hi
21:56 < IRWolfie-> hell
21:56 < IRWolfie-> o
21:56 < ShadowOps> Anyone interested in starting a game server company ?
22:06 <+Japje> neah
22:06 <+Japje> been there done that
22:06 <+Japje> have it
22:06 <+Japje> ;P
22:13 < ShadowOps> well how much did u spend on it ?
22:15 <+Japje> i didnt spend anything
22:15 <+Japje> my boss did
22:15 <+Japje> but its only fun for a few months
22:15 < ShadowOps> Well I bet you guys had no clue what to do.
22:15 <+Japje> we had Smile
22:15 <+Japje> my name isnt Japje for no reason

the tone was set, this should be intresting, he being all knowing and stuff..

Quote:22:20 < ShadowOps> Well, my company will be big.
22:20 < ShadowOps> because i have $60,000 to spend on it
22:22 <+Japje> congrats
22:22 <+Japje> server hosting is no big business
22:22 < ShadowOps> ya
22:22 <+Japje> too much competition
22:23 < ShadowOps> actually it is
22:23 < ShadowOps> too much ?
22:23 <+Japje> save your money for something you can actually make money from
22:23 < ShadowOps> theres like 25 companys that actually are good
22:23 < ShadowOps> im not going to take any tips from you, probably under 18
22:23 <+Japje> there are loads, and gamers are cheap
22:23 <+Japje> lol
22:24 <+Japje> you saying that makes you feel that much older huh
22:24 <+Japje> then i say good luck with the company
22:24 <+Japje> irc is a great place to find parters for a server hosting company
22:24 < ShadowOps> ya it makes me feel 30 years older !
22:24 < ShadowOps> ya i no

ok summing it up, he starting a server hosting company
, he thinks im under 18, doesnt know me, and wants to spend 60k... you still with me?

Quote:22:36 < IRWolfie-> alot better things t do with 60k
22:36 <+Japje> so thats cool
22:36 * Japje agrees with IRWolfie-
22:36 <+Japje> think of all the porn you could get with that
22:36 < ShadowOps> dont need any
22:36 <+Japje> did i say get? i ment make
22:36 <+Japje> Toungue
22:37 < ShadowOps> wow we can see how young you are
22:37 <+Japje> you can?
22:37 < ShadowOps> WE CAN
22:37 <+Japje> wow, never ment a far-seer in real irc
22:37 < ShadowOps> ive never met a jackass in irc either
22:38 <+Japje> theres loads here on gamesurg

Yes SMG we still love you Wink dont forget we do!

22:38 <+Japje> your caps are on
22:38 < ShadowOps> i put them on
22:38 <+Japje> now why you wanne do that
22:39 <+Japje> besides appear screamy
22:39 < ShadowOps> because im blocking you now, because ur wasting my time

then it was /block Japje or something (new feature to me..) and he didnt say anything to me anymore ;(

then he starts to show off what servers he runs:

Quote:22:45 < ShadowOps> no they can host up to 15, well mine do
22:45 < IRWolfie-> up to 15 servers?
22:45 < ShadowOps> ya
22:45 < IRWolfie-> how small are they?
22:45 * Japje grins
22:45 <+Japje> IRWolfie-: 2vs2
22:45 <+Japje> ;P
22:45 < ShadowOps> 15 32 slot servers
22:45 < IRWolfie-> holy shit

did you see that!! 15 x 32 slot servers!! i quote irwoldie:

Quote:holy shit

i know what your thinking.. omfg hes running on a couple racked blade server (cmon guys we know how well steam servers perform).... but check it out!!:

Quote:2:46 <+Japje> ask spec
22:46 < ShadowOps> of course, Dual Xeon

YES DUAL XEONS!!!! wooot!! thats awsome 15 x 32 slots.. i can only imagen how great that runs Wink

just for the fun of it i posted the specs of the box i irc from:

Quote:2:46 < IRWolfie-> 15 32's
22:46 < IRWolfie-> would be nice
22:46 < IRWolfie-> Big Grin
22:46 < ShadowOps> ya
22:46 <+Japje> Linux 2.4.31+smp+scsi-raid - Cpu0: Intel 2399MHz Cpu1: Intel 2399MHz Cpu2: Intel 2399MHz
Cpu3: Intel 2399MHz; Mem: 1008M; Swap: 1953M; /: 6.5G(f=5.1G); /boot: 464M(f=425M); /home: 23G(f=16G); /tmp:
2.0G(f=1.9G); PCI: USB,USB,USB,ISA,IDE,SMBus: Intel Corp. 82801CA/CAM SMBus,Ethernet,Ethernet,SCSI,SCSI,VGA;
Up: 162d+8:00; Users: 2; Load: 0.01;
22:46 < ShadowOps> im gonna use one of them to start a clan
22:46 < IRWolfie-> one of those you could easily get about 2k clan members
22:46 <+Japje> something like my irc box

Yes, i irc from a quad xeon.. dont ask me why, its the only box doing nothing at this moment.. well, exept running my irc client Toungue

Quote:22:48 * Japje still laughs about the dual xeon part
22:48 < ShadowOps> im gonna start a cs:s clan and have 7 64 slot servers

then they chit-chat about dod and go and play some on his clan server withouth the tag and without admin rights Big Grin

it was fun for me, as a punchliner i close with:

Quote:23:13 < IRWolfie-> or the one thats nearl empty?
23:18 <+Japje> the 1 that is lagging the most ;P
23:19 < IRWolfie-> :/
23:19 < IRWolfie-> you in any Japje?
23:19 <+Japje> neah
23:19 <+Japje> going to bed soon
23:19 <+Japje> the girl wants a 1on1
23:19 < IRWolfie-> lies
23:19 < ShadowOps> what
23:19 < IRWolfie-> ShadowOps you there?
23:19 <+Japje> ask ShadowOps he can see it
23:19 < IRWolfie-> you in the server?
23:19 <+Japje> Wink
23:20 < ShadowOps> i can see it now
23:20 < ShadowOps> no
23:20 < IRWolfie-> thought you were joining?
23:20 < ShadowOps> im about to
23:20 < IRWolfie-> ok Smile
23:20 < ShadowOps> y u say lies
23:20 <+Japje> its a habbit
23:20 <+Japje> dont blame this girl for having some fun

To be (an admin), or not to be (an admin), that is the Question. steam linux install guide for cs 1.6
lol, I would love to see any box that could handle 15 32 slot servers.. 480 slots, that would be a lag fest at spawn.
Dual Opteron 275 can handle up to 256 Players :p

This story just points out the lack of knowledge a lot of hosts handle with.
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Hollanda, since when did we ask about Dual Opteron? I cant posibly imagine a server that don't kost skinn, arms and legs to buy with sutch capabilities, as skeletor said, at spawn, or even wors, map changes. You gotta have a huge connection to handle this aswell. but I am not shure if dual Xeons is avle to pull sutch a big servers, on spawns, map changes and so on, without lagging, or creating a lot of ping. Toungue But really if you remove some parts of the SRCDS, you will get a server that can run on 700mhz, 128mb ram. LAGFREE Big Grin
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Is this about the IRC SP? Just trying to point out that a dual 275 (4 x 2,4 Ghz) can't handle 15 x 32 slots, so how can a dual Xeon handle even more slots? (as you know dual Xeon is not even half as strong as a dual 275 (dual dualcore)...get the point?

About the connection: since when is 100 mbit uplink the limited factor for that many players?
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Well first of all: I dont want to start this prosessor war, but here we go!

[Image: chart_3ds_and_mainconcept.gif]

What you see on the graphs is rendering times in 3d Studio max 5.1, this is really pushing the prosessor, kinda like if you got 400 slots ++ on your server, the prosessors need to calculate the position of all clients, while making shure this fits with the map, sounds are played at the right time, tags are downloaded and keeping track of client id's and ip's (and connection attemts)

In these kind's of test you really see the strenght of the prosessor, in this test you can clearly can see that the Xeon prossessor get a mutch better time, and belive me, when you are workin with 3dmodel rendering 28 seconds is a lot!

While you mention a 100mb/s internettconection, were did you get that one from? in 8/10 cases, when you get a 100mb/s connection, there is a brandwith limmit on it (if not you have been lucky) in norway this limmit is on 10gb/day, witch may seem a lot, but if you are running 400slots++ its gone in notime, if you are lucky your ISP just takes away 90% of your connection the rest of the week.

so there you go, complain all you wantWink
Deep into the darkness. Pearing long I stod there, wondering, fearing, doubting.
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This is the right moment to show my new workstation:

Quote:2 x AMD Opteron 265 Dual Core 1.8Ghz 2MB CPU

To be (an admin), or not to be (an admin), that is the Question. steam linux install guide for cs 1.6
NiceWink (I really need a new server so, Jelus!):p
Deep into the darkness. Pearing long I stod there, wondering, fearing, doubting.
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*sighs* i always miss out on the fun Sad
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starting 9/24/2006 if your problem has been solved please edit your first post and add [solved] to the begining of the title. Thanks.

You are comparing Dual Xeon 3.06 Ghz vs Dual Opteron 1,8 Ghz ?? That's like apples and peares :p

About the uplinks: 100 mbit = 10 megabytes per second, what is my current uplink at the datacenter. So what about connection limitations?
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Lol, made my day today!

Big Grin

Thanks for posting the log Toungue
First of all, The Dual Xeon has a slower wrighting speed to the memory. But in the server programs (SRCDS) You wont get anything near 5,6 GB/s during normal runing (not even if it jams). The opteron has a mem wright speed at 6,2GB/S as far as I remember. So, I will say that it beats The xeon there. OK, the Xeon allsow has a slight slower Reaktion time to the GPU, this is not a problem in the SRCDS server, or in game for that sake, it runs clean anyways. Here is the downpart for opteron, when it comes to handeling huge amounts of data over time, it gets well what can you say, over the ideal working temperature, THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR A SERVER. My masterserver is running on Opteron, I don't have anything agains this prossessor (then it said). But when the performance is redused by the time it is in use, you got a problem. My other server, I am planing to replace some of the tasks from the main to this one, mainly becouse the Opteron couldnt handle the pressure. So I have started simulating the tasks the mainserver is doing all the time, both run the same Linux kernel, the only difference is that it is configurated for the prosessor. In about 2 days, my test will be finished (it has been 2 days without my mainserver allready, its been hellToungue) I will post the results here. As I sad these prosessors are really close in a short competition, but as far as my experience is telling me, the differences during a long test might be a lot wider. But as you all might know. A program thats running to long, (even in linux) will eventually find a flaw and colapse. this is normaly it has eaten all cpu power and all the ram on your server. When I co-aranged a lan about 5 weeks ago, I ran about 300 slots at the maximum, when I crosed that line, it started laging at spawning. And since the connections were spread over 6 * 1GB/s network adapters the network shouldnt be a problem. This server runs on 8192MB ram, afther 8 hr I desided to lower the slots on the server to about 250, becouse of the heat from the server. (my water cooling wasnt enough.) Afther that weekend I returned the server to my workplace, and it went back to sleep, as usual.

But no, I was not
Quote:comparing Dual Xeon 3.06 Ghz vs Dual Opteron 1,8 Ghz
You were right it was a opteron 1,8 ghz in that test aswell, but as far as I remember it allso was a 3,0 or 3,2 GHZ in that chart. I might be mistakeening this chart for another (since I cant view it again I cant tell. But what I wroght earlyer should be right.

About the brandwith my bad, but a 10 mb/s connction really can limmit the number of players in this case. espesially if you dont have set up a sv_downloadurl, or has allowed upload.
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Plz show me a a testartikel opteron 248 vs Xeon 3.2 Ghz. Then we'll talk on.

Also: what's the limitation on a 100 mbit / 10 megabyte netwerk connection?
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As I imagine I have said before, finding sutch articels aint a problem, I googled the words
Quote:opteron 248 vs Xeon 3.2 Ghz.
Witch is exactly what you wrote. Fine, the adress of my first hit was:
So there you go. I allso oviusly need to qoute myself aswell.

In norway about 50% of the ISP's use the MB/s instead of mbits. My experience of the brandwith used by the srcds says that a free slot uses somewere between 1-2kbs, ok. It is not described anywere what rates thats been enforced by the server. So in a worst case senario with SRCTV on all servers, and high server rates a client can use up to about 20kbs (correct me if I am wrong here.) Relly Got to go now, finish this post up later. (some stupid emplyee crashed the prising serverToungue)

Deep into the darkness. Pearing long I stod there, wondering, fearing, doubting.
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