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adjusting tick rates
I have recently installed mani admin plugin and have done everything i can think of to try to set it to 66 tick. i get this message when i connect to it form another computer.

SetConVar: No such cvar ( mani_tickrate set to 66), skipping
SetConVar: No such cvar ( mani_nextmap set to cs_office), skipping

What should i do? I hvae set -tickrate 66 in the run command and also in both the maniserver cfg file and the basic server.cfg file. IF you guys could help me out it would be much appreciated Smile
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Well, then its 66 tick. I always get that message when I log on to my server Big Grin


adding -tickrate 66 to the cmd is correct.

but in the cfg you should set maxupdate or something like that to 80 or so.

srry dont have time to search the command, i'll update later
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sv_maxupdaterate is the cvar for update rate.

and yes, take that mani_tickrate out, its not a valid cvar. the only way to change the tickrate is at the cmd line.
Thats just the console spam, really no way you can get it off. Happens to all mani servers I belive
DarkZealot89 Wrote:Thats just the console spam, really no way you can get it off. Happens to all mani servers I belive

I never had them =\. Although I don't think I even looked at the server console the last 5 months I ran the server, lol.

if he put them in the server.cfg file, or any used cfg file it would prodece them errors cuz niether of them are valid cvars Toungue I belive mani_tickrate is used simply to type into console and it will tell you the server tick. and mani_nextmap should be mani_setnextmap if I remember correctly Big Grin
i am not even sure if mani_tickrate works from the client side.

O well, you should be fine regardless.
lol, yea the mani_tickrate was a guess Toungue

Them are more warnings then anything, just saying that if you expected them to do anything, there not. Big Grin

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