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Help: Overflow error writning string table
it appers we get an error message when we load a custom map.
And it seems to only happend when we load a custom map.

The error says

Engine Error
Host_Error: Overflow error writing string table baseline downloadables

Then you press OK

and another error pop ups

srcds.exe-Application Error
The instruction at "0X0da87746" reference memory at "0x3cae00c0". The memory could not be "read".

Click on OK to terminate the program.

Does any one have any ideas what this error is about?
I also have fast download running and that is working fine.
I havent experienced this problem myself (incredibley, I thought I have had them allToungue) I can only see two things that can cause this. First of all is the map (is it like this on all custom maps?) If thats the case, it would basicly just to download a new vertion of the map / re render the map if its home made.

The second thing it might be is the files of the server itself. so I'l just repete SkelWink
Quote:you may try re-running the updatetool with -verify_all in the cmd line, to make sure there isn't a currupt file somewhere.

If you got an webserver, setting up sv_downloadurl might work aswell
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It seems to only happend when I try and run a cpl map
its the map. Thats just basically a standard memory problem. happens a lot with srcds, which is what makes things like server checker usefull. in the event of that crash, server checker supresses that error, and resarts the server.

Are you sure the maps are made for the game your useing? I know once some guy was tryin to run cs 1.6 maps on a css server, and had problems forever, untill finally i found out the maps were for freakin 1.6! Anyways though, its the map. As a general rule of thumb, if the standard maps (downloaded with srcds) work, and any or even all custom maps don't work, its the maps fault more then likly. Get a hole of who ever made the maps. Also I noticed some maps don't work on different systems, no idea why. Like when I used to run a server on my computer, this one map called like awp_death$ or something would work fine. I moved the server to a different computer (same os, same server setup, everything) and the map produced that error. The only way I got the map to work at all was to disable virtual memory.

Which I almost forgot about the virtual memory, I know that helped a couple of my maps work. Might be worth a try, but that error sounds like the map isn't gonna work regardless..
Update: I have 4 custom maps
DE_ Contra

Only CS_Noir and Stock maps will work
The 3 others will give me those errors any ideas
Did you download the Source version of these maps and not the 1.6 versions? Check by putting them on your local PC and try creating a LAN servers with steam.

Download Source CPL maps here:
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